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Glossary of Mineral Species 2014

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The Mineralogical Record Bookstore: Glossary of Mineral Species 2014 - Malcolm Back

Softcover, 434 pages
11 edition, 2014
Published by Mineralogical Record
Dimensions 6.5 x 9 (inches)
Price $10.00

Glossary of Mineral Species 2014

by Malcolm Back

Usually we publish a new edition of Fleischer's venerable Glossary of Mineral Species every four years. We are excited to announce that, after more than five years, the new 2014 eleventh edition is finally printed and ready to mail! A huge amount of work goes into bringing the file of all known and IMA-approved minerals up to date, as well as updating the changes to all the preexisting species and to all of the mineral groups listed. This new edition, at 434 pages, is 26% larger than the 2008 edition, and lists 4,684 mineral species with formulas, type localities, crystal systems, relationships, references and other data.

It's kind of amazing that this book still sells so well, in this modern age of the Internet. But the Mineralogical Record staff uses it all the time. When we need to check a mineral it takes mere seconds to grab the Glossary off the shelf and flip to the page, before our computer has even booted up. And there are check-boxes to use for annotating your own collection in the book. This is a reference that every mineral person should have at hand. The new edition, like the previous one, still comes with a wire-O binding that lays flat on the table, and a tough leatherette softcover.

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